Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, PENGCHENG Group is a diversified group company focusing on real estate development as well as integrating marine products, commercial department stores, hotels, property management and educational counseling. It has gradually formed its product advantages, management advantages, scale advantages, brand advantages, and diversified, high-speed development pattern.


There exist more than a dozen of companies wholly-owned or held by the group, whose total number of employees is exceeding 1,000. Over the years, PENGCHENG Group has always adhered to the concept of “behaving ingenuously and dedicating to work” as well as the corporate personality of “thinking originally and challenging the impossible”. It has insisted the corporate mission of “creating gracious & quality life” as cornerstone and soul throughout its development. In the meantime, constantly tempered by the vision of "to become a prestigious company" and guided by the principle of "making business profits via creating social value", PENGCHENG Group could therefore foster a harmonious, all-win atmosphere and encourage its progress.


Ever since the very beginning, PENGCHENG Group has unrelentingly promoted culture of family and adhered to the tenet of “gathering talents to develop business and cultivating oneself to inspire others”. For this purpose, the group established “PENGCHENG Academy” to help its team better understand wisdom of the Saints and to inherit Chinese traditional culture. “Talent” hereinbefore is not only the talents of PENGCHENG but also the talents of the country; “business” hereinbefore is both PENGCHENG’s business foundation and a greater cause on national industry level. It’s believed that a team nourished by the classics of traditional Chinese culture could be forged to an elite team with professionalism and of high quality.


In the course of development, PENGCHENG Group did not leave its social responsibility behind. The group has continuously promoted the advancement of public welfare undertakings through practical actions to help the needy, allocating funds for each household on a monthly basis. In addition to financial assistance, we also provide spiritual encouragement and relief therein so that positive morale could be spread to every corner of the society and our earth could be filled with love & care.


In the future, PENGCHENG Group will work effortlessly to expand and strengthen its core assets and resource advantages in both real estate sector and seafood sector. Furthermore, relying on its capital advantages, the Group will continue to integrate upstream and downstream industries related to its core business to realize the grand strategy of becoming an urban operator, a resource integrator, and ultimately, an innovative industry group.

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