Dated 28-Sep-2013, the 2564th anniversary of the birth of the Saint Master Confucius, PENGCHENG Academy was formally established and formed its phase I student class which consists of core management members of PENGCHENG Group.

       The tenet of the PENGCHENG Academy is “gathering talents to develop business and cultivating oneself to inspire others,” and the academy’s motto is “Applying Your Knowledge & Actions Speak Louder than Words”. “Talent” hereinbefore is not only the talents of PENGCHENG but also the talents of the country; “Business” hereinbefore refers to both PENGCHENG’s business foundation and, most of all, a greater cause on national industry level. It’s believed that spending fortune to gather talents, foster talents and cultivate talent, and cultivating oneself to help others are full of meanings. PENGCHENG Academy has been adhering to its motto and has carried out the study of Chinese classics “Di Zi Gui” and “Analects of Confucius” among its 24-member phase I student class every Wednesday night, through which wisdoms of the saints could be better comprehended and Chinese traditional culture could be further inherited and significant changes could be brought to corporate management & employees’ lives.

       PENGCHENG Academy is a gathering place for morale boosting and a place for spreading positive morale. Since its establishment, the PENGCHENG Academy has attracted more than one hundred home and overseas scholars of Chinese national culture to visit and study, for instance, Ms. Chen Wenling, Director of Research Office in the State Council, and contemporary renowned Chinese Confucian scholar, philosopher, folk Confucianism & popular Confucian advocator – Mr. Yan Binggang, Professor Qian Chaochen, an expert in traditional Chinese medicine exegetical study and expert of traditional Chinese medicine literature, Professor Yu Xiaofei, a famous Buddhist cultural research expert and an Indian religious research expert, and former president of Cornell University, who currently serves as the president in Shanghai campus of New York University, Professor Jeff Lehman, Professor Hu Daping, the world's top 10 Chinese language teacher, and former vice chairman of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Mr. Zhou Changhu. The PENGCHENG Academy is about to set up classes of Chinese national culture class for children to spread the charm of Chinese national culture to our next generation, so that the essence of Chinese culture can be continuously passed through.



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