Do something for the community; Do something for others; Do something for yourself.

PENGCHENG Group adheres to the business philosophy of "actual effect, all-win strategy, and sharing" and the corporate spirit of “pragmatic, efficient, harmonious and enterprising ". On the basis of continuous betterment and improvement of company management, we actively build & develop "PENGCHENG" brand and strive to forge a comprehensive corporate group with sustainable development.

PENGCHENG Group has always placed the creation of social value at the forefront of corporate operations and believed actions speak louder than words. In addition to money donations, the Group continues to extend its consolation & care to the impoverished communities & destitute people in various other ways. Like its Board Director Mr. Peng said: "The crow has a back-feeding righteousness, and the sheep knows filial piety. The group could never become what it is today without the unyielding support from government and trust from people. We appeal to our fellow enterprises to pay closer attention to charity and to present their care & love for the needy, and to use their strength to help the disadvantaged people move forwards together!”
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