PENGCHENG Property Management is one of the key companies under the PENGCHENG Group. Founded in 2011, the company is a professional property management company with the national qualification certificate of third grade realty management enterprises. Property management types include management of premier residences, villas, platinum commercial and residential buildings and other services. PENGCHENG’s Grande East City project with a total area of approximately 250,000 square feet including villas, western-style houses and high-rise buildings is currently under its management.


Since the establishment of the company, in accordance with market-oriented, professional, and collectivized management model, it has established an operation mechanism of independent business accounting, self-financing, independent operating and self-developing. It established scientific & standardized, dedicated & efficient, safe & civilized management guidelines as well as a set of rigorous management systems and operational procedures, and combined modern management methods and high-level management talents to carry out uniform standards and unified management. This people-oriented company upholds "sincerity, professionality, efficiency, safety, comfort and respect" as its service principles and pursues "positive morale brimming a happy community" as its goal, and strives to become a "gold-medal-steward" premier brand property management company.

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