2016 PENGCHENG Group’s Summary Meeting & Evening Gala Have Come to a Successful Conclusion

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The (year of) goat is gone with the wind, while the (year of) monkey is on its way announcing the arrival of spring with righteousness! On January 23rd, 2016, Shenzhen ushered in the coldest day since the winter. However, this day is the day when all members of the PENGCHENG Group have long been looking forward to for a long time. Two sessions of the Group, i.e. Annual Summary Meeting & New Year Evening Gala, officially kicked off at its subsidiary, the Best Western Felicity Hotel.

The "two sessions" are divided into two parts: "summary meeting" and "evening gala." At the "2015 Annual Summary & 2016 Startup Conference" held in the morning, the management of the company's headquarters and subsidiaries, including eight companies, attended the meeting. The general managers of each company stated the company's achievements and their experience in 2015 on their companies’ behalf, laying a solid foundation for the work of in next year. At the same time, under the leadership of the general manager, each company’s management team conducted morale demonstrations, which were all flourishing and varied and full of excitement, artfulness, youthful sunshine, and sentimental emotions. The wonderful morale shows ushered in cheers and applauses.

Just like the totem - “Eagle” of this conference, the eagle has spent 70 years in its life. However, it needs to pull out his feathers one by one when it is 40 years old, and constantly hit the beak until it falls off and gets reborn. The eagle will be born again with focus. In addition, our company will continue to stay focus on, attach importance to execution, build craftsmanship, and forge PENGCHENG dream.

 Wonderful Review of Morale Show


Totem of the Summary Meeting - Eagle       


PENGCHENG Marine Products Team in the Morale Show

Aokangde Group Team in the Morale Show

SICD Team in the Morale Show

Dongdamen Commercial Management Co., Ltd. Team in the Morale Show

Best Western Felicity Hotel Team in the Morale Show

Harbour View Hotel (Shenzhen) in the Morale Show

Yusheng Team in the Morale Show 

 Group Head Quarter Team in the Morale Show


Group Photo of Personnel Attending PENGCHENG Group 2015 Summary & 2016 Startup Conference

After an inspiring summing-up meeting in the morning, PENGCHENG people ushered in their "Spring Festival Gala". The splendid light show evokes a charming and sexy opening dance "Rhyme of Drum", officially opened the "Transboundary Integration, Innovation 2016 - PENGCHENG Group & Aokangde Group 2016 New Year Evening Gala". In the annual awards ceremony, the group commended outstanding employees such as “Excellent Employees”, “Model PENGCHENG People”, “Outstanding Manager”, and “Outstanding Contribution Award”. In the past year, we challenged a lot of the impossible. The “Monda Sea” experience hall completed the process from design to construction to business operation in more than 40 days, which when talked of in the interview, Mr. Xu Mingbiao, vice president of the Group cannot help but shed bitter tears. No pains, no gains. Mr. Xu deserved the group's "Outstanding Contribution Award" honor. In 2016, we still have many arduous tasks. We also need to adhere to the corporate personalities of “Thinking Originally and Challenging the Impossible” to meet challenges and overcome difficulties.

After the awarding session filled with confidence and emotion, the gala also had a happy and passionate mode - “A Happy Family will Prosper” and it took us into the dinner party and lucky draw. The “God of Fortune is Arriving” led by PENGCHENG “God of Wealth” set off the climax of the evening party. There were exciting raffle, rich prizes, high winning rate, and gifts of fitness equipment, moisture-proof dehumidifier, bedding sets, head massager, BOSS stereo, iPhone 6S, etc., more specially, the prize of 8,888 Yuan in cash. In the end, the chairman of the board raised another 30,000 yuan in cash for pumping up the lucky draw, setting off another round of climaxes at the party. The winning family members smiled and the party ended successfully.

“Transboundary Integration, Innovation 2016”, PENGCHENG people went hand in hand through the challenging 2015. In 2016, PENGCHENG people will continue to work hard with “dedicated, ultimate, artisan spirit” to forge its core competitiveness and implement corporate culture and create a happy company. Under the guidance of the Group strategy of “Urban operator and Resource Integrator”, we will carry forward the spirit of “Thinking Originally and Challenging the Impossible”, realize the business objectives of each segment, and strive to create the “PENGCHENG” brand to create a brand group with comprehensive and sustainable development. “Transboundary Integration and Innovation”, 2016, wonderful PENGCHENG, set sail!

Review of Grace of Evening Gala:

Grace of PENGCHENG people in the Gala

Group Photo of Partial Performers at the Gala and Winners of Best Modelling Prize




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