2016 Annual Goal-priming & Oath-taking Rally Themed "Drawn Swords of PENGCHENG People Are Vying for Throne" Successfully held in the Head Quarter of the PENGCHENG Group

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“Drawn Swords of PENGCHENG People Are Vying for Throne "! On February 20th, 2016, Warm sunlight swept haze that clouded Shenzhen for days. The PENGCHENG Group headquarters 2016 annual goal-priming & oath-taking rally was officially was held at the Sea Master Experience Hall on the 4th floor of Jingpeng Mansion of the Group. Headquarter staff and the general managers and deputy general managers of the subordinate enterprises participated in the meeting. The family was full of enthusiasm and morale, which ignited the passion of early spring.

The oath-taking rally is divided into the “Annual Goal Report”, “Responsibility Signature”, “Outstanding Services Awards”, and “Leader's Encouragement”. Divisions of headquarters and property management offices reported and explained the 2016 annual goals and implementation strategies and laid a solid foundation for the work in next year with clear goal guiding the direction of the forefront and practical, driven-forwards implemented strategy. At the same time, under the leadership of the heads of the divisions, the members of the centers collectively accepted the group’s annual target responsibility statement and conducted the display of 2016 team’s target & slogans & beliefs. Whether it is the bold slogan or the passionate swearing oath, or the conviction featured annual “Journey to the West”, they are just like the flourishing of flowers. And the unique team display are the battle trumpet sent by the family members of the Group’s headquarters to the 2016 new journey. The wonderful morale shows ushered in the cheers and applause from the scene.

As the theme of this conference is “Drawn Swords of PENGCHENG People Are Vying for Throne", in 2016, the family members of the PENGCHENG Group will use the culture of the group "three speak, three self, and three raise" as guidelines, carry forward "Thinking Originally and Challenging the Impossible" corporate personality, casting the spirit of swordsmanship, dare to open itself to self-improvement, to meet difficulties, and constantly optimize and improve themselves, fully achieve grand slam in business goals! “Drawn Swords of PENGCHENG People Are Vying for Throne ". 2016, PENGCHENG will soar!

The Oath-taking Rally Scene:

Reps team standing for divisions and property management office are signing annual target responsibility statement.

Team Display of Investment & Development Center

Slogan: Be the point man in Nanshan development,

and grab the driving seat in Luohu Development. 

Team Display of Design, Research & Development Center

Slogan: Sincerity makes one prevail;

Meticulously pay attention to the details.

Team Display of Property Management Offices

Slogan: Passion, Dream, Duty, Responsibility 

Team Display of CEO Office

Faith: Between broken rocks striking my root deep,

   I bite the mountain green and won’t let go.

  From whichever direction the winds leap,

   I remain strong, though dealt many a blow.

Group Photo of Personnel Attending the Meeting

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