Mayor of Shanwei City, Mr. Yang Xusong Leads the Municipal Leading Group to Visit PENGCHENG Group and Gives Guidance

Date of Issue:2016/3/1


On February 28th, Mayor of Shanwei City, Mr. Yang Xusong led the deputy mayors, Mr. Li Xianmou and Mr. Zou Guanghe, and the municipal leading group to visit the PENGCHENG Group. The executive vice president of the group, Mr. Jiang Li, and the deputy president, Mr. Xu Mingyu and a number of other senior executivesaccompanied the trip.

The Mayor Yang and his team visited the PENGCHENG Group's Sea Master Jing Peng exploration hall, PENGCHENG Academy and the Group head quarter. He praised the innovative business model of the Monda Sea exploration hall and gave great appreciation to the dense cultural atmosphere of the PENGCHENG Academy.

During the meeting, the two parties conducted discussions and views exchange. At the symposium, the visiting leaders listened to the introduction of the prospects and plans for the development and history, project status and future development prospects of the Group, and the report of the "PENGCHENG Group’s Proposal for Shanhai City Marine Product Logistics Bonded Center Project". Mayor Yang Xusong acknowledged the PENGCHENG Group's long-term concern and support for the economic and social development of Shanwei City, especially the development of the marine and fishery industry. It the meantime, he elaborated various possibilities in strengthening the cooperation between the Shanwei Marine and Fisheries Industry enterprises and PENGCHENG Group. The Group executives stated that the PENGCHENG Group will continue to support the development of Shanwei marine and fishery industry.

The two parties had a lively discussion on the "PENGCHENG Group’s Proposal for Shanhai City Marine Product Logistics Bonded Center Project", and jointly discussed the possibility of the project's settlement in Shanwei and reached a preliminary consensus.


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