"Nine Types of Personality - The Doctrine for Management to Know and to Use a Person" - Second Reading and Sharing Session was officially held in PENGCHENG Academy.

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On June 26th, the Phase IIStudent Class 14th session reading & sharing session (i.e. the second reading & sharing session in 2016) of PENGCHENG Academy was honored to invite the senior mentor of nine types of personalities, Mr. Luo Shuzhong, to visit PENGCHENG Academy and to launch the lecture titled “Nine Types of Personality - The Doctrine for Management to Know and to Use a Person". The directors from management of PENGCHENG Group Headquarters, the general managers & deputy mangers of each subsidiary company, took part in the course.

Teacher Luo Shuzhong, marketing expert of high-end customers of famous bank, venture capitalist, personal wealth center coach in Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China, famous nine-person personality tutor, the first batch of senior executive coaches and trainers for the company, focusing on the impact of management technology on the organization, in the investment business in order to help companies optimize management and improve human resources, counseling entrepreneurs of more than a dozen high-growth companies and raised them from a single capability to a comprehensive management capability, and achieved an effective match between capacity breakthrough and rapid enterprise development.

In the course, Mr. Luo led the students to understand that 50% of personality was generated by genetics, 30% were created in childhood 0-8 years old, and 20% were acquired in acquired social work at work. Each person's character has its own character and role character. Only through constant learning can one get away from the cage of own character and get a balance of characters. Nine type personalities is divided into three areas: heart area, brain area, abdominal area. People who focus on feelings, acting easily with motion belong to heart area, people with brain area character pay attention to logic, act and have an incline for thinking before acting, and people in the abdominal area focus on courage, acting easy with their strength (fighting courage). The character types of the heart area include No. 2 personality help type, No. 3 personality achievement type, and No. 4 personality art type. The character types of the brain area include No. 5 personality sane type, No. 6 personality alert type, and No. 7 personality active type. The character types include No. 8 personality leader type, No. 9 personality composure type and No. 1 personality perfect type. Positive and negative emotions exist for each personality type. Managers should appropriately guide employees with different types of personality properly so that positive emotions could lead their employees to work actively.

Mentor Luo Shuzhong started the lecture officially.

Students are listening to the lesson carefully.

 Illustration for Nine types personalities 


Mentor Luo cited plenty real-life cases to analyze the characteristics of different types of personality, and how people with different personality types can achieve higher work efficiency and better work results. Luo analyzed that from the grassroots employees to the middle managers to senior management personnel, the character's true colors and the needs of the characters are not the same. However, the senior management in the company must not only learn how to identify people, but also need to create suitable environment that allow talents to play their advantages therein and benefit the development of the company. In the analysis of the participants' personalities, the participants actively participated in the interaction. Through vivid and interesting analysis, Luo created a typical personality image for the students and deepened their understanding of themselves and others. It was a wonderful and accurate analysis, which won the applause of the students.


Mentor Luo is interacting with each personality team.

Reps from each personality team is sharing at the stage.

There is no perfect individual in the world, only a perfect team, and there is no difference between various types of personality. In a specific field, the corresponding personality will support the development of the team. He encouraged the team to clear their own deficiencies and goals of improvement through the lecture, to strengthen empathy for people of different personality types in the team, to tolerate each other, to help each other, and grow together. Finally, in the warm applause of all the students, the course has come to a perfect conclusion!



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