PENGCHENG Group's 2016 Zhuhai Development Activities and Senior Executives’ Track Map Sharing was Perfectly Taken Place

Date of Issue:2016/7/12


On July 8-9, 2016, PENGCHENG Group organized the headquarters staff and the general managers and deputy general managers of the subsidiary companies to go to the “Amazon” base in Zhuhai to carry out two-day and one-night expansion activities.

PENGCHENG people are taking group photos in the front of base gate, starting the development trip.

At 7:30 in the morning, the family members, with excitement and anticipation, set off from Shenzhen and drove all the way to the "Amazon" base in Zhuhai with joy and laughter. Under the leadership of the instructors, all members were grouped and four new teams were therefore created: "SHENMA Team", "Eagle Team", "Optimus Prime Team", "Black Panther Team", and each group selected the captain, chief of staff, cheerleaders and sailors. The loud slogan and bright team song highlighted the morale and courage of every family member who dare to challenge the impossible and break the limit.

Team members are discussing team’s name, team song and slogan.

The development activities include "benefit decoding", "orienteering", "inspiring the hearts", "wind and rain in life" and other projects, test the family members of the team communication, trust, implementation, and collaboration capabilities. "Benefit decoding" is not just decoding a password, it is the importance of the team's smooth communication and strict implementation. "Orienteering" is not just looking for the decentralized clues at the base, it is a demonstration of valuable spirit for team members to support each other under physical and intellectual pressure. "Inspiring the hearts" is not just dribbling a ball, it is the concentrated growth of the team from the period of formation, turbulence, standardization to high efficiency. The "wind and rain path of life" is not just walking a road, it is the sense of responsibility that allows teammates to fully trust and rely on each other. "Climbing over wall of victory" is not climbing a wall, it is about the team's thoughtful planning, organizing, executing, and collaborating with each other and courage and belief of challenging difficulties. The game is also like life, the team has grown up in the game and in each other.

In “benefit decoding”, the team is clapping hands and passing on and forwarding.

The team is discussing how to “inspire the hearts”

The personnel are challenging the wall of victory.

In the scorching sun, the family members were completely not intimidated, swaying with pleasant sweat, joyous laughter, and cheers and its reverberations rang through the base. From the stranger to the familiar, from skepticism to trust, from no tacit understanding to telepathic understanding, and from lack of faith in completing the tasks to overcoming difficulties together successfully, it made these four teams to shine brightly with the spirit of teamwork.

Happy Panic of Family after the Challenging

 Two days and one night's development activities, especially the exciting sharing of the "Track Map" mapped by the senior management team, led people to recall the most precious pieces of their lives in unpretentious words: at work, in life, in emotions..., many valuable insights are poured out and hearts were touched just like a warm current running through out there. Each senior executive is therefore more aware of and closer to each other.

"There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team." PENGCHENG's march ahead is difficult to avoid, as long as we unify our goals and move forward toward the team's goals, just as mutual support, mutual cooperation, and not giving up, not abandoning displayed therein, and the perfect team can overcome all the difficulties. PENGCHENG is more wonderful because of you!

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