Summary Meeting of Year 2017 – Sticking to Strategy & Advancing Bravely Successfully Taken Place

Date of Issue:2018/1/31


Summary Meeting of Year 2017 – Sticking to Strategy & Advancing Bravely Successfully Taken Place


Lead: In 2017, PENGCHENG Group put forward the strategic plan of making PENGCHENG Marine Product Co., Ltd. a listed company, using four foundations as leverage and further developing this marine product main business. Group management and subsidiaries has carried out corresponding intensive publicity. Year 2018 is the beginning year of transformation and development for PENGCHENG Group. We will implement this transformation and make breakthroughs. We believe and promise that we will achieve our goals and make the blueprint a reality. One step at a time, we will advance bravely with one accord.

In order to sum up the Group's headquarters and the company's 2017 business operating conditions, and clarify the business direction, business indicators and annual budget for year 2018, the Group held the 2017 annual summary & 2018 operating budget seminar on January 19, 2018.
At the meeting, the group’s subsidiaries debriefed their summaries and the evaluation committee fully recognized the outcomes of companies and their attitude of when facing problems in 2017. Besides, they commented on the company’s business goals and plans for 2018 and made requirements & suggestion. During the meeting, all the participants spoke freely and actively interacted with each other. The atmosphere at site is lively.

Site Photo of Summary Seminar


PENGCHENG Marine Products Company

Seize Market Opportunities, Focus on Going Public, Becoming More Influential & Stronger


The Group pointed out that it is not easy for PENGCHENG Marine Product to achieve its today achievements. This is inseparable from the hard work of the PENGCHENG Marine Product people and their successfully handling constant challenges. Crises and difficulties are opportunities for growth and development. Considering the current market is big enough, the Group encouraged Marine Product people to fully grasp these rare development opportunities provided by the market, the times, and the industry, and to use the accumulated experience, achievements, and conditions as a solid foundation for realization of soaring marine product business.

The Group fully affirmed that PENGCHENG Marine Product has achieved satisfactory achievements in 2017 and requested the company to put forward new operation pattern and direction revolving around the goal of going public, becoming more influential & stronger. This operation pattern and direction shall base on the accumulated experience & foundation & resources of past years and it shall combine with industry reality and requirements of a listed company’s actual operation activities. It was pointed out that thoughts determine outcomes and goals generate methods, thus we must have sufficient discernibility to solve problems revolving around goal, get rid of traditional but obsolete practices and ultimately achieve the goal of going public.


Deputy President in the Group, Mr. Zheng Yiqun, is reporting on PENGCHENG Marine Product Company’s behalf.

Aokangde Group

       Define Position & Goal, Lock on Core Competence, Upgrade Property Services Quality


Aokangde Group summarized its work of 2017 in the report, and general manager Zhou Weichu supplemented insights generating therein. When encountering difficulties and challenges in our work, we must unite and stick to our own bottom line to break a deadlock.

The Group fully recognizes the achievements of Aokangde Group in 2017 and hopes it to continue promoting real, simple and effective qualities: (1) proof with numbers; (2) clearly aim at solving problems and resolve historical lawsuits; (3) standardized management.

Deputy General Manger Wu Xiaojuan is reporting on Aokangde Group’s behalf.



Aokangde Group demonstrating the Liability Credential of Goal they signed for 2018

Dongdamen Commercial Management

Improve Operational Efficiency, Popularize the Brand, Guarding Opening-up Achievement


Dongdamen Commercial Company reported on the completion of its business objectives and management objectives and summarized the reasons for failing the 2017 program. The group leaders fully affirmed the accomplished goal of opening up for business in Dongdamen. “A Mission Must Be Accomplished, Braving the difficulties, Working Hard Together” led to the successful opening-up. At the same time, it is also proposed to safeguard the achievement of opening-up through continuous performance improvement, strengthen corresponding propaganda, and maintain sustainable development. In terms of operations and management, it is necessary to carry on hardworking and trailblazing.



Deputy General Manager Zhang Qingtian is reporting on Dongdamen Commercial’s behalf



Dongdamen Commercial demonstrating the Liability Credential of Goal they signed for 2018

Best Western Felicity Hotel

Go Through Star-rating Review, Success Surpass Objective, Keep Following “Five-Seek” Direction

In 2017, review of five-star hotels again descended upon Best Western Felicity Hotel. What made it more difficult is that the hotel is undergoing a large-scale decoration and renovation. The hotel management has the courage to undertake, carefully deploy, and do a real job, and all staff make concerted efforts correspondingly, which ensured the hotel’s normal operation and performance did not suffer from the side effects arising from this renovation. Furthermore, the efficiency was improved by a certain margin. The Group management very much appreciated this, and proposed to follow the “Five-Seek” direction of seeking cultural advantages, seeking highlights & benefits, seeking thoughtful services and good taste, seeking customer resources, and seeking their own inadequacies in terms of increasing income and cutting down expenditure.



Deputy President in the Group, Mr. Zheng Yiqun, is reporting on Best Western Felicity Hotel’s behalf

Business Division in Real Estate Sector


Reserve the Momentum and Wait for Start, Advance in Steps & Orderly Manner, Break through Individually

The Group pointed out that the status quo of the real estate is “Reserve the Momentum and Wait for Start” and agreed the 2018 plan proposed by the division. However, the timing, benefit-collaboration mode, development mode, and incentive mechanism can be further optimized, and the work plan can be further elaborated. Based on the above-mentioned, a challenging goal should be proposed, and breakthrough should be made in at least one project must by 2018.

Deputy President in the Group, Mr. Li Yongxing, is reporting on business division of real estate’s behalf


Business Division of Real Estate demonstrating the Liability Credential of Goal they signed for 2018


Sufficient discussion being carried out among Group Management regarding the reports



Group photo taken after the seminar

In 2017, PENGCHENG Group did not fear the challenges and made concerted efforts to overcome the difficulties and created success. In 2018, we will adopt a more pragmatic attitude, a firmer conviction, carry out down-to-earth actions to practice strategic goals, roll up our sleeves and work hard, and move forward with one accord!

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