2018 Annual Meeting of PENGCHENG Group Came to a Successful Conclusion

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Most Shining Stars Bear the Honor and Hope

Accompanied by the inspiring march, the board walk avenue of stars guested the most shining star of this year's annual - award-winning PENGCHENG people and their fellow colleagues gave enthusiastic applause. Individual awards include Model PENGCHENG People, Outstanding New Person Award, Best Progress Award, Excellent Employee, Excellent Manager, Golden Abacus Award, Angel of Love and so on. It’s expected that while receiving the honor, they will carry on their efforts to play an exemplary role.

Prize-winners of Excellent Employee

Prize-Winners of Excellent Manager


Morale Display Demonstrating Mien of Team

A train runs fast relying on the headstock. One of the highlights of this evening was the morale display. Leaders of each company lead their team representatives to show their team mien and demonstrate team morale and strength. The morale display from the executives displaying “My Good Brother” pushed this part to a climax, well demonstrating the firm belief & unity of the teams and PENGCHENG’s sentiments.

Morale Display from Aokangde Group

Morale Display from PENGCHENG Marine Product

Morale Display from Best Western Felicity Hotel

Morale Display from SICD Education Center

Morale Display from Yusheng Company

Morale Display from Business Division in Real Estate Sector

Morale Display from Senior Management



For more than 22 years, PENGCHENG people has strode with the spirit of hardworking, challengeable, innovative and forging ahead in unity. The development of the PENGCHENG Group has witnessed the rise of Shenzhen and witnessed the hard work of numerous PENGCHENG people. Looking back on 2017, it is bound to be an emotional year. In the face of challenges and trials and tribulations, they closely worked together with one accord from senior management to common employees to embrace change, turned adversity into advantage, and advanced with great valor. Looking forward to 2018, PENGCHENG people will carry on the development with “Practicality & Modesty” strategy, actively response to the call for “Happiness comes from hard work” and move toward a more splendid future of marine product industry, realizing the dream of ever-prosperous marine product business!

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