Gathering Efforts & Strength to Set Sail; Thanking You for walking us forwards with One Mind

Date of Issue:2018/2/15


Time and tide wait for no man, yet God helps those who help themselves.

In a flash, the year of 2017 left us quietly.


Year 2017 was a touching and unusual journey to PENGCHENG.

It is a year of being practical and pragmatic,

And it is also a year connecting the past and the future.


Year 2017 is a journey,

Where tears and joy exist side by side,

Happiness and suffering live together,

Obfuscation and resolution are intertwined to a paradox.


Year of 2017 is a journey-like window period,

When you could look into the megatrend and embrace changes,

And thus turn difficulty into opportunity,

Transform challenges to precious experiences,

Deem being unappreciated as the impetus.


In the year of 2017, we gathered efforts & strength to set sail, fought together with one heart at all circumstances.


Gorgeous Blossoming of DDM Mall Commercial Project


With the concerted efforts from all divisions of the Group, a commercial project that has been asleep for nearly 20 years blossomed gorgeously; DDM Mall's opening has become a new benchmark in the transformation and upgrading of traditional shopping districts in Luohu District, and it has become a new sample of vitalizing an idle commercial property and putting forward the structural reform on the supply side. It has accomplished a historical mission and created a myth of old business revitalization.



Star-rating For Best Western Felicity Hotel Went Through With Flying Colors And Its Benefit Again Hit A Record High

In 2017, Best Western Felicity Hotel met its five-star hotel review, while the hotel is facing a large area of upgrading and renovation. The management of the hotel has the courage to undertake, carefully deploy, and meticulously implement the work. The entire staff work together to overcome various difficulties and does not allow the renovation to affect hotel operations, which leads to a record-new height in the efficiency has been reached. The successful star-rating review delivered a satisfactory answer sheet to year 2017.


Awarded Shenzhen Time-Honored Brand, Legend of PENGCHENG Marine Product Continues

“Shenzhen Time-honored Brand” is to dig deep into this city to find its representative and passionate enterprises with dreams and strength as Shenzhen's unique temperament business card and glorious image! This award precipitates the arduous struggle and persistent entrepreneurial stories, and to make sure the wisdom of outstanding entrepreneurs could be inherited. The "Shenzhen Time-honored Brand" selection process includes wide publicity, self-application of enterprises, recommendation made by all sectors of the society, qualification review by the committee, field inspection by the assessment team and civil online voting. PENGCHENG Marine Product, together with other 20 companies has won this award in the 8th "Shenzhen Time-honored Brand" selection.

Strategic Propaganda Has Been Made on Practicality & Modesty and Everyone Made Solemn Commitment Therein

In mid-November 2017, senior management of the Group gathered to discuss the future strategic direction and objectives for the Group. At the meeting, senior executives made a macro description of future strategic direction of each business segment; clarified the group's future strategic goals of “Practicality & Modesty”; proposed a strategic goal and direction of development, which is to deem Marine Product business’ going public as a platform, and use four foundations as economic leverage. Framework is clear, and responsibilities are specified. After the meeting, various companies and divisions organized in-depth popularization, and also solemnly committed to implement the strategy and be further determined to make the blueprint a reality.











Practicing Charity and Staying True to the Mission, Leaving no Stone Unturned in Love-spreading Effort

“The crow has a back-feeding righteousness, and the sheep knows filial piety.” The group could never become what it is today without the unyielding support from government and trust from people. “Stay true to the mission, and keep philanthropic all the way forwards”, PENGCHENG Group has always placed social value creating in the first place of business operations. Although the Group has achieved multiple honors, the responsibilities are still on the shoulder, so it has always been committed to charity and public welfare. In 2017, the PENGCHENG Group continued to promote the spirit of love, spread the concept of love and care, and transformed the company’s love into a powerful force which contributions to civilization of Shenzhen.


Live up to Gorgeous Youth and Advance with Honor

Year 2017 is an extraordinary year. PENGCHENG people adhered to their dreams and worked hard to establish a benchmark for its fellow entities, created a quality brand, constantly surpassed itself, and challenged the impossible, all of which has received praise and recognition from all walks of life. It was a fruitful year and PENGCHENG will advance with honor.






Summing-up Meeting for Year 2017 Was Perfectly Held & 2018 Chinese New Year Annual Party Successfully Comes to an End


At the 2017 summing-up meeting, the Group's head office and its subsidiaries have summarized the year of 2017 and made clear the direction for business operations in 2018. At the meeting, the Group and the company’s responsible persons signed a statement of responsibility to strengthen their beliefs, and made concerted efforts to implement the goals.










Year 2018, Perfect Timing for Setting Sail


PENGCHENG Group hereby wishes everyone a happy year, a healthy body and a blessed family life!

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