Part Two Section Two of “PENGCHENG Venus Festival Shines Because of You” Series - Hand-in-hand trip to Maluanshan Mountain Paid Back as Its Peak Has Been Tamed

Date of Issue:2018/3/12


Hand-in-hand trip to Maluanshan Mountain Paid Back as Its Peak Has Been Tamed

 Following the surprise party of Venus Festival party held on 07-Mar-2018 in corporate head office, business division of PENGCHENG real estate organized mountaineering at captioned mountain among families of those in corporate head quarter & education center next day to further celebrate the Festival.

Located in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Maluanshan Mountain is connected to Sanzhoutian Reservoir in Yantian District in the west, and to Kuiyong Town (Kuiyong Residential District) in the east and to the golden coast of the eastern Shenzhen in the south. It covers a total area of 28 square kilometers and is a rare, undisturbed and beautiful mountain forest adjacent to downtown. Most of its peaks are below 500 meters above sea level, and with a moderate slope, it truly is an ideal place for hiking and camping.


At 09:00AM, members from families of PENGCHENG Real Estate business division and corporate head quarter and education center gathered at the Xiaomeisha rally point. Team leaders He Xiaochengzong and Li Fushou, who had rich experience in outdoor sports from the PENGCHENG Real Estate business division, took the lead. Despite encountering rough weather of plummeting in temperature and sudden rain, morale of the families is high and they decided to continue the journey of this mountaineering unanimously.

Photo taken together before departure – moving out towards Maluanshan Mountain


Under guidance of the team leaders, 23 family members were divided into three groups and set out in line. At the time of departure, the temperature was around 10 degrees. The seaborne breeze coldly roared. Windswept people shuddered. Still, they were full of energy, filled their march with happy laughter and cheerful voices, and kept the team in line and forward. After crossing two roads, they arrived at the foothills of Maluanshan Mountain and opened up a difficulties-conquering mountaineering journey.

In colorful Raincoats, in the wind and rain


PENGCHENG’s corporate personalities of “thinking originally and challenging the impossible” was also well manifested in this mountaineering activity. Compared to common climbers, PENGCHENG people opened up a new path under the lead of the team leaders, and chose an unusual uphill route. There is neither flat, wide winding road uphill nor clear-cut stone steps walk. There exists only one uneven stacked-stone path snaking along the mountain stream. The gaps between stacked stones is large and their surfaces are slippery. The family tackled said difficulties head on, illustrating team's cohesiveness and supporting each other, and successfully walked through this path to enjoy the beauty of cascade.

Working in close cooperation and making progress together

Taking family photos before the cascade


After three hours of trips, the family experienced miriness and cold rain and reached the Meiting Farmhouse at the top. Family members helped each other pack up, shared snacks to refuel energy, and waited for a hot picnic lunch. During the process, the family members sat around the campfire and talked and laughed. They forgot about the rugged path, the difficulty of climbing mountains, and the cold rain. With the relaxed rhythm of digital game, they soaked in warm and happy moments.

Relaxed & Happy Digital Game

Tasting Delicious Mountain Panic


When the cold rain ceased to fall after dinner, the family took a short break to complete the assembly and then set off again. They reached the foot of the mountain at one fling using around two hours. They each followed the accompanying vehicle and went home smoothly and PENGCHENG's Venus Festival hiking trip ended perfectly.

Photos Taken in Mountain Roads


PENGCHENG's Venus Festival mountaineering trip tested our willingness to challenge the unknown changes. In the face of ever-changing external adverse factors, we kept moving forward under the premise of knowing how difficult it is and helped each other, which demonstrates we PENGCHENG people's cohesion and our belief in willing to face challenges together with a determined mindset of accomplishing missions at all circumstances. Like mountaineering, the work should be more like this: in the face of arduous tasks and complicated environment, as long as the goal is clear, we must move forward together, support each other, regardless of whatever storm in the road and in spite of difficulties, do not give up, do not abandon, and the mission will be accomplished!

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