New Central Value – Grand Eastern City Rising up on CBD of Pingshan District

Date of Issue:2013/3/15


On June 30th, 2009, the Pingshan District was established and was at the same administrative level with Futian District, becoming a new low-carbon technology new town attracting worldwide attention. The government's thoughtful planning, all high-end living facilities, high-level transportation networks and high-level ecological landscape are presented one by one. Famous branded real estate development companies compete for advanced positions, and the high-level human settlements in the CBD of Pingshan are emerging. The Xiangmi Lake Value of the Pingshan Center is rising. Grand Eastern City, the only villa and luxury property in the center of the CBD, ushers in a new era of the noble residence of Pingshan.

Doubly-enjoying the resources of CBD & Ecology has won an initiative.

The closer to the center, the greater the value, and vice versa. The world has reached an indisputable consensus in this regard: “The 1% of the top-wealthy of the city’s most sought after living areas are around the CBD which concentrates the core values of the city.” The planning of the Futian CBD makes Xiangmi Lake the only residential area next to the CBD hottest spot in Shenzhen overnight. Now the rise of the Pingshan CBD will also drive the value of the central habitat in CBD. Grand Eastern City locates at the center of the CBD, surrounded by natural resources, which cannot be copied.

Natural lake embellishing eco-park doubles the low-carbon ecology value.

Pingshan District has an ecologically-designated area of 88.52 square kilometers, accounting for 53.5% of the total area of the District, and Grand Eastern City is located in the ecological core. The north is next to Songzikeng Forest Park where the Songzikeng Reservoir is an important protection zone for drinking water sources in Shenzhen and is an urban ecological protection zone with strict restrictions on construction. It faces the center of the Pingshan District center in the east, the Pingshan Central Park, the Julongshan Park and the Yanziling Park on the east, and The Maluanshan Mountain in the south. The natural essence of the “low-carbon eco-city” in Pingshan is almost entirely accommodated here.

Villas coupling with high-rise apartment doubles the value of luxury property in CBD.

The only 2.0 (plot ratio) low-density villa community in Pingshan is laid out in a semi-enclosed layout along the slope, hidden under the backdrop of the Songzikeng Reservoir. Grand Eastern City, shaped like an emperor’s chair, storing best fortune and good luck, is an indisputable confirmation of orthodoxy and a beacon symbol of wealth.

Large-scale heightened living room, a large but free-of-charge courtyard space, an octagonal terrace with a large landscape, a large exalted district, and great enjoyment of double-level space. The classic Spanish-style villas that are never left behind are quality, natural, introverted, merging with nature itself. The comfortable and healthy living is the best interpretation here. The facade of Grand Eastern City Spanish-style villa is made of tailor-made cultured stone and natural stone. It integrates retro and modern into the extreme, allowing the history-created century-old classics to blend in with the natural mountains, lakes.

Terrace Garden Design blending intercontinental standards doubles the enjoyment of Spanish Royal Garden.

With a stereoscopic terrace landscape, it creates a visual feast of different scenery for every step. With the soothing artificial slopes undulating, people's sights are separated from the noisy cities, which enhances the sense of territory and enhances the sense of zone. At the same time, it creates a quiet and natural environment where people live alone. Built with intercontinental hotel standards, the central axis of the golden landscape is neat, orderly and open, with about 800 meters of the infinite edge of the swimming pool coming into view, it soothes one’s feeling all of a sudden. The pool is dotted with deckchairs, pebbles, and small beaches. The landscape is patchy and ups and downs along with the mountainy landscape.

International housekeeper coupling with world-class architectural team doubles the enjoyment of top-master wisdom.

From the earliest planning and design to the final property management stewards, Grand Eastern City has carefully selected them. Planning and design is brought by the chief designer of the internationally renowned Shenzhen Cube Architecture Designing Consultants Ltd., which re-presented the model life of international luxury in Pingshan first time ever. The property management service goes to Savills, a 150-year-old company that provides services for top international properties. These top dream team has made suggestions for the construction of luxury homes all over the world, arranged details for the lives of celebrities, and now gathered in the Grand Eastern City to build your exclusive kingdom.

The rise of the CBD's central high-quality human settlements implies the mysterious Grand Eastern City are planning for reform of Shenzhen Habitat. It has become an ideal way of life and leads the vision of urban dwellings.

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