Night of New City Concert Successfully Held Dated 15-May

Date of Issue:2013/5/15


Night of New City shined Pingshan District. At 2000P on May 14th, PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City’s "Night of New City" concert started out loud in the Pingshan Sport Center Stadium. Famous singers, like Chyi Chin, Mai, Samuel Tai and others met in Pingshan, and the lineup consists of influential singers, making a gorgeous scene with singing sounds rocking the city. It is reported that Pingshan Sport Center Stadium was extremely popular on that night, and there were a large number of fans who didn’t have tickets lingering outside the stadium. They did not want to leave for quite a long time and they were looking forward to seeing their idols. At the concert, Samuel Tai took the lead in singing and presented the well-known “999 Roses” and “One thousand origami cranes”. The following singer Mai triggered nearly 10,000 fans singing in the live concert with songs “A rain cloud in wind” and “Winter Rain in Taipei”, and the climax of atmosphere looks never to cease. Chyi Chin took the “Me, Wolf from the North” as finale and pushed the atmosphere to another climax. The audience gave him full cheers, got up and shouted, frequently interacting with him.

Audience in the Concert


This concert “Night of New City” sponsored by PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City is not only an important expression of forging the art of living, but also provides a visual and cultural feast to citizens of Pingshan. At the time of the concert, PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City will open a high-rise duplex model house on May 18th to lighten the glory of PENGCHENG Grande City.


Charm of 77-125 square meters finale model house will work on the city dated 18-May

PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City used the unprecedented innovative design and top-grade materials to cast the epic. The 77-115 square meters finale model house launched this time is even more of a boutique of all, among which the 84-86 meter squares duplex house product is particularly prominent, such as 84 m2 enjoys an actual 135 m2 with 4 bedrooms, nearly 4-meter width of living room which is spacious, more-than-3-meter-in-height bedrooms, nearly 6 meters high double-heightened viewing balcony, providing owners with a spacious living standards. In addition, the 77-125 square meters 3-5 rooms King Units, with efficiency ratio as high as about 130%, whose 125 m2 can be expanded into 5-room comfortable one is being launched.

The flexible and innovative house design, starts from the maximum, fully taking into account the practicality and comfort requirements, and takes these two to the extreme. Among these, the duplex houses are particularly evident with high development, high practicality, and high comfort performance, and they are highly sought after by the market. The 84m2 space could be creatively designed into a property with 4 rooms, 2 living rooms and 2 washrooms, transforming the traditional 2-room at a groundbreaking level. The stunning height and width in the property make your life more comfortable. Front and rear landscape view exceed 200 meters. The project is of semi-enclosed layout with spacious distance between buildings, and due north and due south directions. It is also a pure slab-type apartment high-rise building, north-south all-transparent without obstruction to the scenery, which really lives up to its billing of unique luxury property with no blockage in front and overlooking the lake at rear.

Resting on the Ecological, Economic and Transport Center, PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City is “UNIQUE”.

Located in the Pingshan District, PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City possesses most value-growth potential in Shenzhen just like Qianhai area. The government has invested handsome amount of money. The starting point for the highest level of planning in Shenzhen will open herein and the plan will last for 30 years. With the completion of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” in the Pingshan District, a “first-class industrial zone and an ecological model city” will be fully constructed in the future.

In terms of transportation, Shenzhen New Town Station, one of the three high-speed railways in Shenzhen, echoes with Grand Eastern City, and is seamlessly connected to freeways forming a transport network to every corner of the city. 10 minutes is what it takes to enter the fast lane network system, 40 minutes Futian and Nanshan CBD.

PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City combines spot and plate and semi-enclosed design to create first-class product creativity and make good use of scientific livable architectural concept. Distance between buildings is no longer a concern, which enables widest view overlooking all scenery. Repeatedly scrutinizing the design and details, ensuring good ventilation and lighting, combining extreme innovation and top configuration in one, it is strived to create scientific, comfortable, and most humane products!

Grand Eastern City had a record of being sold out the very day when it’s opened for sale since Phase I. The final high-rise finale property will be open to registration on May 18th. Interested spectators can go to Grand Eastern City Sales Center to savor the extravagance and exquisite of model houses!

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