The First Commercial Project – DDM Mall from PENGCHENG Group is Expecting You on 22nd April

Date of Issue:2017/4/17


Thank you for your expecting and we will meet soon…

On April 15, PENGCHENG Group's first commercial project, the East Gate DDM mall has begun trial operations and will officially open on April 22. The project has introduced the first culture-embedded theme block originally designed in Guangdong Province – Dingbang Small Town, which will be the most culture-rich, most original and most sentimental shopping center. The main venue is decorated in a fresh, literary style, and with juvenile brands, and is closely connected to the “Internet+”. After opening, it will become a beautiful scenery in East Gate (Dongmen), Shenzhen.


On the day of the trial operation, merchants at the venue, Liang Home Furnishings, Suandu Laotan Pickled Fish, Inshop, ILAVIEYA and other merchants were popular and sales were good.

At present, on-site firefighting and security have fully passed the inspection of the relevant government departments. 90% of the on-site merchants have completed stocking and have all the conditions for the early stage of full-field opening. All wasteland cleaning work in the public area has been completed and the entire shopping mall has entered the final stage of sprint. The successful launch of the trial business has set the whole Dongdamen business management team’s mind at ease. The team stated that with full confidence in the opening ceremony on April 22, they will do our best and will be bound to prevail.

At that time, the opening ceremony of DDM mall with the theme of “focusing on culture-embedded brands and leading commercial culture” will also be launched as a special theme activity of Luohu District in the first international brand week themed “Brand Leading and Quality Creating” in Luohu District. The grand opening of the DDM mall commercial plaza will play an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the East Gate (Dongmen) shopping district and accelerating the construction of the Luohu International Consumption Type Economy Comprehensive Reform pilot area.

Since it is getting closer to the grand opening ceremony on April 22nd, what kind of a luxury feast will be presented for everyone? Reliable Sources revealed that various types of parties based on the theme of “Meet the surprising DDM” will run through the event and bring great visual and audio enjoyment. On the ground floor stage, where shows will be presented for three consecutive days: hot model shows, thrilling acrobatic shows, mysterious magic shows, crystal ball dances, accordions played by foreigners, music remix from entertainers, fancy popping, and DJ magic shows. Luxury lineup of traditional clothes costume show descending on DDM mall, an opportunity of savoring the beauty of classics. In the small town, hand craftsmen, original designers gathered together, the scene of DIY exquisite jewelry, creative crafts and the like will bring a different shopping experience.
In addition, preferential products and discounts will definitely occur during the event. As long as we follow the DDM mall commercial plaza on WeChat, you can go there to receive 188-yuan opening red envelopes. At the same time, you can also participate in the large-screen shake, free OPPO selfie beautification smartphone, four-set home textiles, gym cards from Good Feeling and other gifts free of charge. What's even more attracting is that there are up to 50% off for dining during the event and up to 70% off on branded apparel.

The predecessor of DDM mall is Shenzhen Department Store Plaza. It is a key project during the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period in Shenzhen. It has been quiet for 20 years because of historical reasons. It is a major project for Luohu District to speed up the construction of an international consumer center. It bears a significant meaning to vitalize idle commercial properties and promote the transformation & upgrade of the East Gate (Dongmen) shopping district. PENGCHENG Group is not afraid of hardships and unites itself. It has invested huge funds and manpower for reorganization of this project and is now in the final stage of sprint. It will realize the magnificent turn of Shenzhen Department Store Plaza and will also bring a new turning point to the transformation of the East Gate (Donemen) commercial district. .

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