PENGCHENG Group DDM Mall Grand Opening Started the Dongmen Commercial District experience upgrade battle!

Date of Issue:2017/4/22


Ribbon-cutting Opening Ceremony of DDM Mall

On April 22nd, PENGCHENG Group's DDM mall, Shenzhen's first original-literary themed shopping center opened in the spotlight! At the same time, the first international brand week themed “Brand Leading and Quality Creating” of Luohu District settled on the DDM mall. Deputy Chairman of the Shenzhen Municipal CPPCC, Honorary President of the FSZI, Director of Shenzhen Top Brand Evaluation Committee, Mr. Liao Junwen, and Deputy Secretary to the Party of the Luohu District, Warden of Luhuo District, Mr. Nie Xinping, and Director of PENGCHENG Group, Chairman of SICD - Peng Xiaojun, and the vice president of the Kaisa Group, chairman of the Business Association, Mr. Huang Guojun, and leaders from the Luohu District Economy Promotion Bureau, the Dongmen Sub-district Office and the Shenzhen Retail Industry Association, and merchants representatives and major media have witnessed the opening ceremony of the DDM mall.

Grand Scene of Opening Ceremony


Honorary President of the FSZI is making a speech


Deputy Secretary to the Party & Warden of the Luohu District is making a speech

Director of PENGCHENG Group, Chairman of SICD is making a speech



The opening ceremony was based on the theme of “Meet the Surprising DDM”. With exciting performances on and off the venue: exotic costume parades, original and unique hands-on craftsman live shows, dreamy bubble shows and so on, citizens who visited are very satisfied. Opening activities will continue from April 22 to April 24. Concessions will continue as the wonderful continues.

Exciting Activities on Site


The most popular place is the "Dingbang Small Town". It straddles the 1-3 floors of the mall and is the first originally created theme block by designers and craftsmen in Guangdong Province. There are more than 60 original brands in the town, including intangible cultural heritages paper-cut arts, handmade jewelry, movable type printing, traditional tie-dyeing art, and personality designer coffee platform. Its unique cultural creation and feelings will lead the new megatrend of experiences. On the day of the opening, the “Dingbang Small Town” held a special town-opening ceremony. The leaders used the hammer, which is a symbol of designer and craftsman to knock the “Dingbang Small Town” open and worked together with the artists to paint. The PENGCHENG Group is leaving no stone unturned to build such a small town, hoping that it will not only become a new creative culture gathering place, but also pay tribute to the Chinese craftsmen, realizing the inheritance of traditional culture, incubating the original design, and support the original art brand.

Opening Ceremony of “Dingbang Small Town”

Leader paints together with artists

Leader is experiencing tree-house suspension bridge


DDM Mall commercial plaza is located in the core area of the East Gate (Dongmen) commercial area in Luohu District. It has a total construction area of 150,000 square meters, a commercial area of 80,000 square meters, a basement level and six floors above ground. DDM mall integrates modern design concepts in traditional commercial area, boldly explores the integration & development of originality, literature, youth, fashion and ecology. It has introduced a Canton team of designers at provincial level and created the first designer originally-created block in Guangdong – Dingbang Small Town, forging a ceaseless market for the makers. DDM Mall aims to create a holy land of gathering themed integration of creating ideas, campuses, experience sharing, center gardens and history. It provides a sense, with “different scenario for every step” style, of memory and sentiment for the consumer groups who pay attention to humanistic feelings and original personalities. It will surely become a new landmark for fashion consumption. It will contribute new strength to the construction of Luohu International Consumer Center and will enhance Luohu's fashion, cultural and creative influence overseas, and will contribute to the “Brand Leading and Quality Creating”.

DP decoration of “Different Scenario for Every Step” at the mall


DDM Mall was formerly known as Shenzhen Department Store Plaza. It is a key project during the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period in Shenzhen. Due to historical reasons, it has been vacant for nearly 20 years in the pricy area of Dongmen Commercial Area, becoming a pain in Dongmen, Shenzhen. PENGCHENG Group has invested huge capital and manpower to reorganize this project, and vigorously introduced new business models, leaving no stone unturned to create a new business card for the Dongmen Area. The grand opening of DDM mall is a traditional business “Nirvana Rebirth”. It is a new benchmark for the transformation and upgrade of traditional commercial area. It is a new sample of vitalizing idle commercial properties and promoting supply-side structural reforms. At the same time, it is also an important embodiment of the PENGCHENG Group, whose brand has taken root in Luohu District for 20 years, braved its social responsibilities out of the feeling of revitalizing the old Luohu. DDM Mall sets sail, wishing Luohu will be better tomorrow!

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