Grand Opening of Sea Master Dated 28-May Announces the Re-deployment of PENGCHENG Group's Grand Marine Industry Strategy

Date of Issue:2017/5/29


On May 28th, the first community light catering project - "Sea Master" from the PENGCHENG Group embraced its grand opening on the first floor of the Kaisa Plaza in Mumianwan area. This is another important deployment of the “Grand Marine Product Industry” strategy following the establishment of “Monda Sea” Global Bonded Commodity Exhibition & Sales Center.

Store Environment


“Sea Master” (Buji) enters (Yihao Market in) Kaisa Plaza in the form of a community store. It mainly deals in imported red wine, frozen seafood, and light meals such as sushi, sashimi, and salads. It aims to serve community residents with fresh, high-quality products.

Dazzling commodities in the store

In-store customer flow in an endless stream

The successful opening of Sea Master (Buji) is an important part of the PENGCHENG Group's marine product business strategy. In the future, PENGCHENG Group will use its marine product business as its core and leverage its own advantages to fully integrate the aquatic product industry chain and to go abroad with business model of light assets and brand output, combined with the community O2O layout & the development of membership financial models, and ultimately formed the industry ecosystem of the PENGCHENG Group.


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