My sincere thanks go to PENGCHENG family and your kind concern

Date of Issue:2012/12/14


My sincere thanks go to PENGCHENG family and your kind concern. Dedicated PENGCHENG Marine Product employee Xu Hanquan recovered! He wrote a heartfelt thank-you note to the company and its staff who treated him like a family member... The following are the words:

Dear family of the company, thank you for your concern. PENGCHENG is my home! I have been working for PENGCHENG for several years, and I have always been passionate and respectful for this job. I am very happy to be a part of the company. If we treat everything with a respectful attitude and positive responsibility, and dare to innovate and improve, I believe that in PENGCHENG can bring us growth, get us more wealth, change our all kinds of personal bad, and bring us happiness and warmth. We have seen with our own eyes that the rapid development of the company over the past few years cannot be separated from the hard work and sweat of us family-like people. PENGCHENG's care for employees cannot be further increased: for example, the birthday wishes of family members are enough to touch our hearts and feel the company's love and warmth for each of our loved ones. Here, on behalf of my family and relatives, I hereby thank you for the warmth of PENGCHENG.

When this accident happened, a simple phone call led family-like leaders desperately and hurriedly went straight from the company office to Dongguan City, the place where my accident occurred. The leaders spoke “the most important thing is your health, you don’t need to worry about anything else, and everything will be fine...” At this time, I deeply felt that the leaders' concerns and care are the same as care and love of family members. As the saying goes, "Men do not easily shed tears." Until the leaders settled everything and went back with heavy hearts, I was in tears. Here, I sincerely thank my respected leaders and supervisors. You have personally visited and carefully treated me like a family member. Brother Biao, Director Lin, Assistant Shen...

Frequent visits were paid by the company’s leadership and colleagues during my stay in hospital, and concerns expressed by other family-like colleagues from outside the city are things I won’t forget. They are so warm and caring....Many thanks, family-like PENGCHENG people.

After this incident, I came to realize that PENGCHENG is our home. As long as we work hard to innovate and fight for our future, every platform is for every one of us. At the same time, it is hoped that my dear colleagues will greet each day with full enthusiasm and treat everything with a positive attitude and highly-responsible spirit. For a better tomorrow, dear family, come on! Professionalism begins with our dressing. To wear work clothes well reveals our spiritual outlook, and it is also our respect and love for our company. I remember Director Xu once said, that only we PENGCHENG employees are qualified to wear the work clothes! Although it is not as fashionable as model clothes, it is a symbol of the company. Therefore, everyone must unite and work together to work for a common goal! At the same time, thank you, Director Zheng, for everything you did after the incident! I am very happy to be a member of the PENGCHENG family and I am, and will be forever, proud of you. PENGCHENG, I love you!

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