Grand Ceremony in the Realm of Villa: Grand Eastern City Royal Experience Night Foreseeing Charm of “Shenzhen Hollywood”

Date of Issue:2014/5/20

[Abstract] On the evening of May 17th, "Shenzhen Hollywood" was red-hot! In 2014, Shenzhen's first royal experience night and royal villa product launch ceremony was gracefully held in PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City, the No.1 luxury property in Pingshan CBD known as "Shenzhen Hollywood". More than 300 distinguished guests and dozens of media representatives from Shenzhen and Hong Kong witnessed the grand beauty of the Spanish Royal Villa.

From On the evening of May 17th, “Shenzhen Hollywood” was red-hot! 2014 Shenzhen's first royal experience night and royal villa product launch ceremony was gracefully held in PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City, the No.1 luxury in Pingshan CBD known as “Shenzhen Hollywood” (price  trend  floor plan  forum). More than 300 distinguished guests and dozens of media representatives from Shenzhen and Hong Kong witnessed the grand beauty of the Spanish Royal Villa. (sales hotline provided by 4008900000 dial 651538  forum)

Since the launch of PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City in 2011, it has been proudly standing as the No. 1 luxury property in Pingshan CBD. Its low-density, high-quality, huge-space have topped Shenzhen luxury houses sector. Each phase of its products has been sold well as launched, achieving a benchmark in the value regard and becoming the leading certifier of regional value. After three years of brewing, today witnessed the grand conclusion of Grand (East) City, the only and the last urban villa in Pingshan CBD has become a great scene! The public has been awaiting for a long time.

With respect to the unique villa assets in the city center, PENGCHENG Real Estate repeatedly studied the quality and jointly created this royal villa with the help of domestic and foreign well-known design companies. There once were more than 20 versions of design and hundreds of rectification, 700 revisions in details and 32 discussions only to create a model of royal life.

This royal experience night and the product testimony won the praise from both elite class and industry professionals: waiting is worthy for it truly lives up to expectations!

In fact, the Royal Villa is already an out-of-print urban villa masterpiece of “Shenzhen Hollywood”, which never appeared before nor to appear in future. Missing it is making a mistake.


More than 300 distinguished guests from Shenzhen & Hong Kong witnessing the charm of royal villa

Platinum state of life: living in a relaxed and free art atmosphere

Pingshan is the future "Chinese Hollywood" and strives to build a world-class film and television base. Without a doubt, Pingshan will be at least the palace of world's film and television arts. Taking the first place in this palace, Grand Eastern City will enjoy the most perfect art atmosphere in the core of the CBD. This royal night has already presented sufficient artistic beauty.

In this very night, bright and gorgeous light show, dynamic and melodious music pervades the colorful programs, helping one to better comprehend the luxurious and graceful artistic life of Grand Eastern City – it is all about calm, comfortable and elegant.

As the most influential pop dance in the world today, Royal Flamingo is a combination of Gypsy culture and Spanish Andalusian folk culture. At the royal flamenco performance site, with bright lights and melodious music and slight breeze accompanying it, the interpretation of Spanish style is vividly presented by exquisite flamenco dance performed by Spanish artists.


The beautiful performance of Artists in the PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City Royal Experience Night

In the luxury show catwalk scene, several wonderful supermodel beauty, wearing a Spanish royal style dress, smiling, holding a royal luxury walked to the stage in a light and elegant manner demonstrating nobility and elegance. The admission of the supermodel immediately caused the audience to scream and shout, both for admiration towards the supermodel grace, the yearning for the luxury prizes, and for intoxication of the “luxury charm” of the Royal Experience Night. Along with the expectations of the guests, the awards gradually unveiled, all the luxury prizes finally went to individuals’ possession. The lucky guests were still full of emotions, yet the ones not so lucky left sighs of regret, and even expected another “Royal Experience Night” to be held.


Supermodel holding royal luxury prizes appeared and drew extensive attention

In the "Experts on the Villa" session, senior real estate experts provided insights on the great appreciation potential and selling points of the Grand Eastern City royal villa products. The guests discussed the great value and uniqueness of the royal villa in Grand Eastern City. Pingshan CBD has only one villa project, which occupys the center. It’s universally reckoned that it equals to value preservation and appreciation. The royal villa is more than a villa. It is an asset.


Experts on the Villa

More than a dozen exciting programs entertained VIPs well, and its luxury, nobility and elegance are well demonstrated in the bright lights and music therein. Grand Eastern City Royal (Villa) Experience Night was destined to be an unforgettable, luxurious and noble night.

Grand Eastern City royal villa with most appreciation potential emerge as a city leader in a monarch air.

Grand Eastern City royal villa consists of semi-detached ones and the terraced houses, among which the terraced houses are composed of four-tiered townhouses and five-tiered townhouses. The semi-detached villas also include two best buildings close to the water, and the overall planning layout is reasonable. Each product is self-contained. The guests were very impressed with the apartment type: the super royal living room in royal style, the large space study’s elegant style, the 360 degree landscape view balcony, the family chess room, the deluxe home cinema and the extravagant large open-air swimming pool, well-showing the royal style.

The Grand Eastern City royal villa stands proudly among the mountains and lakes. The area's greening rate is as high as 45.3%. Enjoying 1790 hectares of forest park, 430,000 m2 Yanziling park, 2800 hectares of Maluanshan Mountain Scenic Area, and privately enjoy the Julongshan Park and other first-line ecology, it zero-distance possesses a 100,000 per cubic meter negative oxygen ion oxygen life circle. The life of high-oxygen luxury villas has always been the health appeal of the elite class.

At present, there are only 62 sets of the 240-290m2 royal villa model house has been opened, and VIP membership application has been formally launched. Customers who apply for membership can get the corresponding preferential rights at the opening, booking for visit on 89456666!


Site photos of elegant royal villa


Luxurious and decent royal home theater

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