Launch Event Unveiled for Grand Eastern City Model Villa & Royal Experience Night dated 17-May

Date of Issue:2014/5/26


According to the reporter, on May 17th, CBD first luxury property Phase II of Grand Eastern City’s 240-290 m2 Royal Villa Product Launch and Royal Experience Night will be unveiled! By then, it will surely attract the premier customers seeking luxury houses. We will take you into the royal vision and enjoy the royal style. (For Inquiry: 4008006188 to 2644)

PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City has always been defined as the district's chief luxury property, repeatedly creating hot-selling record, and leading the regional benchmark! With a low plot ratio of 2.0, Spanish magnificent royal gardens and precision-built products have created the pinnacle of luxury in the city center. Now the Grand Eastern City villa products are about to launch, which will surely lead everyone to the pursuit of urban center villas and create a new era of luxury property!
Out-of-print central city royal villa is proud to occupy the core of a 190-billion-yuan international new district in plan.
According to the reporter's understanding, the latest CBD regional plan promulgated by the government of Pingshan recently shows that the future Pingshan CBD area will consist of three centers: administrative culture center, business & finance center, and commercial service center! This plan, which the government is about to huge capital of 190 billion, will promote the construction of 135 major projects, making Pingshan a world-class city that is suitable for business! At present, projects such as the Xiamen-Shenzhen High Speed Railroad, Art Gallery, and the Shenzhen International Tennis Center have been completed and put into use. The 380,000 m2 cultural complex known as the “Six Museums & One Sports Center” and the “Huayi Brothers Cultural City”, known as the Hollywood of China, are also under construction! It is believed that as more and more projects are proposed and put into use, the market value of this region will surely rise again!
The PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City project is located within the administrative and cultural center. From the geographical point of view, it is also the intersection of the three central districts. It is located at the core of the three major centers and enjoys the top-class international-level facilities. Which makes it a real city center villa project! At present, there are fewer and fewer villas resting upon urban center in the Shenzhen market, and its scarcity is self-evident. Grand Eastern City has such a rare luxury villa product, once again proved its great potential for appreciation!


Double oxygen bar ecology deployment demonstrates the luxury of private mountains and lakes.
The Grand Eastern City Project is connected to the 1790-hectare Songzikeng Forest Park to the north. This park is one of the top 11 largest forest parks in Shenzhen that the government has invested in nearly 1.3 billion in total! The natural ecological environment in the park is beautiful and the air is fresh and pleasant. It is a great place for people who advocate healthy living.

The project is adjacent to the 240,000-square-meter crescent lake ecological park. The park is known as the “urban back garden”. The “central park” on its east side has been opened to the public. It is a multi-functional park concluding leisure, recreation and fitness activity. The two parks echo each other in the north and south, forming a double-oxygen-bar surrounding for the Grand Eastern City project, and providing occupants with a fresh air layer with a negative oxygen ion content of 100,000/cubic meters, and providing a green and healthy ecological lifestyle, and ultimately providing exclusive private life for villa clients.


Platinum transport network “three lengthwise and five transverse” helps you extend your business.
During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, there will be a road construction project with a total investment of about RMB 17 billion in Pingshan, which will form a “three lengthwise and five transverse” high-speed road grid, and will mobilize Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railroad and Metro Lines 12 and 14. It will traffic circle of “10, 20, and 40” in Pingshan, i.e., 10 minutes to enter the express line network system, 20 minutes to the Longgang central district, and 40 minutes to cover the entire Shenzhen. Starting from Grand Eastern City, you can go directly to Xiamen, Shantou, and Shanghai via the Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed train. You can also quickly cross the border from the Liantang Port directly to Hong Kong via the express way. You can directly connect to your business and contacts and further develop your business.


A collection of royal-class villas is offered to the noble.
The PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City project has created a European and American style exterior facade. The outer edge of the project is the European and American style commercial street. While providing residents with convenient living conditions, it also provides a relaxed and comfortable shopping lifestyle. The developer blended Spanish style elements in it at all costs, creating a luxurious, quality Spanish Royal Garden.
The villa’s gardens uphold Flamingo's design philosophy to create the most authentic royal lifestyle for the villa owners! In the creation of villa products, the developer is also crafted to use the top-class timber materials at an international level, and is dedicated to presenting the owners with the most quality living space. European royal style facades can better reflect the nobility of the owners living therein. 240-290 m2 spacious royal villa & five-story living space are enough for you to create a private cinema, private spa, private entertainment room, tea room and other functional areas, customizing the private world for the most esteemed customers!


On May 17th, the unveiling of PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City Villa product launch event led the region into a new era of luxury houses! On the same day, the "Royal Experience Night" will be presented to you. You can not only appreciate the beauty of royal garden & the royal villa model house, but also the pure European royal family life.


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