Grand Eastern City Royal Villa Model House Emerges Stunningly in Shenzhen on May, 17th

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On May 17th, the Grand Eastern City royal villa model house, located at the Pingshan Executive Business Center, unveiled its mystery in great expectations. Hundreds of guests gathered in the blossoming-flowers-decorated gardens of the Grand Eastern City project and witnessed the excellence of the launch. With the gorgeous appearance of the royal villa model house, Grand Eastern City has also presented an unprecedented living experience for Shenzhen people. The top-class international-level materials used, the European Royal style facade and sophisticated craftsmanship, it was designed to be a classy comfort and quality living space for noble people in this region. The scene of the product launch was full of people. By then, the royal villa model house will be combined with the long-awaited garden landscape and leave Shenzhen people in expectations.
Live Broadcast herein below:

Presenter: Sorry for keep you waiting. Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, dear children and friends at the scene, and old friends of PENGHENG Grand Eastern City Royal Villa, Good evening everyone! When we saw many friends come to our site early, we must first say a thank-you to everyone for your waiting. We would like to welcome all of you to join us in witnessing the PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City royal villa launch conference to share this deep royal-style feeling. Everyone also found that today's Shenzhen weather is really pleasant and breezy. In such a midsummer night with the sound of the spring waters, we will together experience the royal style of the Spanish royal villa presented Grand Eastern City royal villa. At this moment, accompanied with the sound of spring water, we feel that we are not in Shenzhen, as if we are on the Mediterranean side, because we will have an exotic tour on the stage this evening.

I believe that you also feel that the host PENGCHENG Group, feels the enthusiasm of PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City royal villa, so first of all allow Mingming to introduce to everyone the distinguished leaders and guests present at today's event. Applause is sent to: PENGCHENG Group Chairman Mr. Peng Weihong; Vice President of PENGCHENG Group, Mr. Xu Mingbiao; Vice President of PENGCHENG Group. Ms. Peng Xiaojun; Thanks to Mr. Peng Guangyi, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Cube Architecture Designing Consultants Ltd. who made great efforts to build Grand Eastern Villa royal villa; Director Mr. Ma Junwei from Lands Landscape International Design Group, as well as Ms. Zhang Yuli, General Manager of the Shenzhen WorldUnion Properties Consultancy, and Mr. Lin Hanqing, Standing Committee Member of Shenzhen Huashang College & member of the Shenzhen Huashang College Alumni Association, welcome you all. Today, we also want to thank the media enthusiasts who are very enthusiastic.
In the end, what kind of living experience and enjoyment can be offered by Grand Eastern City? Let us first look at the royal villa through a short video.

Presenter: Friends, we have just seen that as the royal villa emerges, the shower has just stopped. We recommend that all nobles give applause first and give it to the royal villa. Everyone also sees this. This is the kingly presence of PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City royal villa. In the CBD, I am a city, which is a different kind of leader style, a different kind of royal blood of the Grand Eastern City royal villa. At this moment let’s give warm applause to PENGCHENG Group deputy president – enters Ms. Peng Xiaojun for speech!

Peng Xiaojun: Distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen, dear media friends, team members and everyone, good evening! I am much honored and very happy to invite you to participate in the Grand Eastern City Royal Villa Product Launch Conference and the Royal Experience Night Ceremony. I hereby extend my warm welcome to the friends from all walks of life on behalf of PENGCHENG Group and its board chairman Mr. Peng Weihong. Thank you for your visit!
On this grand evening, my heart was filled with gratitude for the government of Pengshan District for giving PENGCHENG Real Estate the opportunity to develop the land. Since 2010, Grand Eastern City, as the first villa luxury project in Pingshan New District, has been enthusiastically sought after by the masses. Many times at the very opening day has our properties been sold out, and what made us feel encouraged is that Chairman Peng once said a word with great wisdom "How far can a person go is determined by who he is with", we are very fortunate to develop together with other real estate companies in the same area. At the same time, we are very grateful to our customer friends, with your trust and support, we will strengthen our direction and goals, and create a positive-morale, happy community, to promote traditional Chinese culture. Learning from the essence of Di Zi Gui is our goal because we believe that we can lead us all to live a happy life.

At the same time, we are also very grateful to our partners, to our worker friends for building beautiful homes for us with pristine hands. We firmly believe that we must treat every inch of land with extra care, but this requires your active participation and support to be realized. Thank you for your hard work in this process.

We also want to thank the people of the PENGCHENG Real Estate Team. You are steadfast in taking care of every aspect of the building in the heart of respect for the land and the customers. Every brick and tile in the Grand Eastern City reveals your dedication and excellence. The feast tonight was successfully held because your overtime hard work. Thank you, you did a great job, my dear team!

We have such a beautiful environment. As land developer and building builders, we must consistently treat every inch of land right. We must persist in implementing ecological concepts and the direction of green buildings to create a comfortable and happy community for inhabitants.

In the end, I wish the feast tonight will be a complete success. I wish all of you a healthy and happy life. I wish you all the best and thank you all! Thank you!


M. Peng Xiaojun from PENGCHENG Group is making a speech

Presenter: Thank you, Ms. Peng Xiaojun. Through Peng’s speech, everyone found that the words most spoken by Peng always contained care, a deep sense of gratitude, and a deep sense of goodness. This is a kind of fate. The PENGCHENG Group respects each inch of land it developed and respect each individual living therein. This is a responsibility. It is also a sentiment. It is also a mission. Nowadays, there are not many such real estate developers. Therefore, we should warm up again and give applause to the PENGCHENG Group with such sentiments. We thank them for coming for a dream, coming for responsibility, and coming for excellence.

The chance of coming to Pingshan is really not many because I live in the Shenzhen CBD, but every time I come to Pingshan, I can't help feeling that “the change in Pingshan is really too big!” and we see that Pingshan is really getting better and better, because we know that in the future Pingshan will be a pilot area for reform and opening up, a gathering area for high-end industries, and a demonstration area for green living. We are now located in the CBD of Pingshan, which is also an administrative, commercial, financial and cultural center. There are Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railway, art gallery, and tennis court. There is a cultural complex of “Six Museums and One Sports Center”. There will be also a Huayi Brothers film and television base with the reputation of “Chinese Hollywood” in the future. No matter what kind of life you enjoy here, where you want to go, Metro Lines 10 and 12 can always help you, Xiamen-Shenzhen High Speed Rail will help you, and it is said that another airport in Shenzhen will be settled in Pingshan in the future. Wherever you go, this is a perfect place for taking off.

Although Shenzhen’s natural environment has been far ahead of the national level, I’ve had to envy my friends in Pingshan for a few times because I’ve come from Futian to Pingshan, and because the air here is really good. The PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City can be said to be surrounded by green lungs - two large green areas, 1790-hectare Songzikeng Forest Park on one side and the 240,000-square-meter Crescent Lake Ecological Park on the other side, which are rare. Today, Beijingers always complain that they live in fog every day and Parisians complained that "our sky was so dark that even the Eiffel Tower couldn't be seen." But in the future, a friend whoever lives in royal villa of Grand Eastern City, Pingshan, has so much greenery to enjoy and on your way home, there are Spanish style gardens on both sides. When it comes to the royal villa, when it comes to the Grand Eastern City, the sky is littered with drizzle. It can be seen that this is a symbol of wealth. It is really a symbol of the top circle.

Just now a friend said, "Water is money," and we want to say something preferential to you. Today's host is very considerate. The PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City royal villa has prepared many valuable prizes for the lucky. What is the prize for the lucky draw tonight? Here, first of all, May I give the floor to beautiful supermodels? They will use graceful body language for interpretations. They will tell you what kind of gift we have to give tonight. Enter! The supermodels with the gifts we prepared tonight.

(Supermodel Show) 

Presenter: Just then, interpretations from the Chinese and foreign supermodels implied the luxurious fashionable gift that Grand Eastern City royal villa prepared for you tonight. I found that the friends who desired to buy the Grand Eastern City royal villa are not common folks. Everyone is extremely calm in front of such a rich gift. Are there any friend who do want to win the prize?

Audience: Yes!

Presenter: We'll look forward to it later and see who will be the first lucky ones tonight, but remember this, my friends:The prizes may go to the lucky ones and yet The Grand Eastern City royal villa goes to the real kings and the real top-class. This time, the 240-290 square meters luxury villa property launched by Grand Eastern City has only 62 sets. Only the desire to buy is not as good as action. Seize this the scarcest resources in this city center in shortest notice and live your life on a kingly note. You are kindly reminded that VIP registration has already started. If interested, you can contact our staff. At the official launch, you will receive a series of preferential benefits.
The one behind me in this stage is preparing his own props. Many children are very excited. Do you know what kind of magic he is going to perform?



Magic Show

Moderator: Once again giving applause to the magician Yan Kai, we found that the magic actually is very mysterious, I’d like to ask the children who looked very carefully at the front seat. Do you see the trick of magic? You didn't, right? It doesn't matter. I believe that in the future, the Grand Eastern City royal villa will also have a lot of colorful shows, including the magic show for you. Next time we should really keep our eyes wide open and take a closer look at the wonders behind the miracle. The weather is of sudden rain, I hope everyone will pay attention to the order at the scene. People with umbrella, would you help the people around you who is without an umbrella. Although we are perfect stranger to each other today, we may become neighbors in the Grand Eastern City in the future.

Several VIP chairs on the stage have been beckoning for our VIPs, and let’s invite three guests to share with us their feelings and impression of the Grand Eastern City Royal Villa because they and their team have devoted a lot of time and hard work to this project. Let us welcome Mr. Peng Guangyi, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Cube Architecture Designing Consultants Ltd.; Mr. Ma Junwei, the design director of Lands Landscape; and General Manager Zhang Yuli, General Manager of the Shenzhen WorldUnion Properties Consultancy.

Peng Guangyi: Good evening, everyone. I am glad to be here, a lovely place, and

thank you for coming.

Ma Junwei: Good evening, everyone. Wish you guys having a nice experience here.

Zhang Yuli: Hi, everyone. I will catch up with you later.

Presenter: First give applause to Mr. Peng, Mr. Ma and Mr. Zhang. Please have three VIPs seated. Everyone knows that the Grand Eastern City royal villa project symbolizes wealth and symbolizes the excellent living experience. It symbolizes the incomparable royal qualities and feelings. To be honest, I was very curious when I received this offer, because it seems to be quite a while I have not been invited to host for such villa launch event, now looking at this market there are just need-to-buy properties. Everyone is asking, "Where are the villas?" I tell you, the villa went to Dongguan, Huizhou, to the overlapping area of the urban and the rural, and also some pessimistic friends said that the villa has become a chicken rib of the real estate market. I would like to ask Mr. Peng from Cube, do you have received any other invitations for villa properties at work?



Experts on the Villa

Peng Guangyi: There has been very few recently because Shenzhen has developed very quickly. Now it has a population of more than 12 million. It is basically difficult to meet the opportunity to build villas in the urban areas because from the perspective of government, it is hoped that the density of living can be increased. When the plot ratio is generally higher than 3, there is little opportunity to make villa products. It’s good to receive the PENGCHENG Group's very good project and have the opportunity to build villa, so our company also cherishes this opportunity and is willing to build such a representative villa.

Presenter: You just said that general real estate developers are only willing to build properties with a plot ratio higher than 3, and look around to see if the surrounding areas of the PENGCHENG Grand Eastern City, there are actually dense high-rise buildings in such a location center, CBD center of the city. With such a scarce resource, the plot ratio of Grand Eastern City is only 2.0. What kind of attitude do you think this type of property is made with considering such a low volume ratio?

Peng Guanghao: I think this is the attitude of the developers being willing to give back to the society. Everyone knows that it is very difficult to acquire a land now. Developers can acquire such a good piece of land and they are willing to build property with such a low volume ratio. I am very impressed with their spirit of giving back to future residents or owners.

Presenter: Probably many of our friends are not particularly aware of this. I would like to specifically introduce it. The representative luxury villa project built by Peng’s Cube in Shenzhen, for example, are Oversea Chinese Town Portofino, Xiyuan, and Grand Garden Ground (Details  Photo Gallery  Buying Now  Review) and so on, can be said to be the ceiling in the Shenzhen villa market. This time, the Grand Eastern City royal villa invited the Cube’s team to build the scarcest resource in the city’s most central and given that developer’s gratitude for giving back to society, what kind of principle did your company follow when carrying out the design work?

Peng Guangyi: Grand Eastern City is divided into Phase I and Phase II projects. We adopt a unified planning ideology when we are doing overall planning. Especially when we do Phase II products, we pay great attention to the design of the villas and use high-rise buildings on the north side to “shade” villas in the northwest. There are some shelters and at the same time, it conforms to the traditional Chinese concept of Feng Shui – mountain (higher) in the north, and water (lower) in the south, so that the owners who live in the villa properties could have something higher to watch their back. This is a very important point in our planning.

In the individual design of villa, we have learned the most famous Mediterranean style in Europe, which is also the royal style represented by Spanish architecture. It gives us an exotic experience, and worked closely with landscape companies to create an exotic atmosphere for everyone. Everyone's living experience in the future can possess the feeling of living in Europe while living in China.


Mr. Peng Guangyi, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Cube Architecture Designing Consultants Ltd. & Partner of PENGCHENG Group

Presenter: Actually, we do have wind (Feng) and water (Shui) this evening. We are high in the north and low in the south. We have backers now. The most important thing is to copy the Spanish royal style to Shenzhen Pingshan. I came to the project today and it feels a bit like the Seville I’ve been to once. Now the floor goes to Mr. Ma. We have been talking about the royal garden is full of strong Spanish style, however, many friends here have not been to Spain, What does Spanish style garden looks like?

Ma Junwei: Today's live magic, dance, and music are all of strong Spanish styles. The Spanish style spreads all over the world. From southern Europe to southern part of North America Continent and to Latin America, the enthusiasm of Spain can be felt everywhere in the world. The details of the Grand Eastern City, like tropical plants, delicate landscape, sculptures and many other aspects, have combine the project with the Spanish style.

Presenter: Mr. Ma and his Lang Landscape once took charge of the design of Eastern Oversea Chinese Town Tiannlu project (Details  Photo Gallery  Buying now  Comments ). Mr. Ma, I think you didn’t speak of the details. When we talk about Spain, we will think of bullfighting, think of blue sea and blue sky, and think of passionate people. Imagine that if the weather is not rainy, when you return to royal villa from the Shenzhen CBD in 30 minutes, what kind of scenery will you see along the way from the project gate back to your home? Can you describe it?

Ma Junwei: This is a very good question. We pay great attention to the user's experience in the design process. Living in the Royal Villa can always experience our Spanish style environment created for everyone in the regard of the garden landscape. We come in tonight. Stepping up from the steps, you can see a wide range of gardens, water features and swimming pools, artificial lakes, and boulevards all the way returning to your home, opening the courtyard gate, entering the private garden landscape, and walking into your house. This series of routes can, on the one hand, experience the feeling of the Spanish style garden, and on the other hand, can leave all the trouble behind and enjoy a wonderful evening with the family.


Mr. Ma junwei from Land Landscape

Moderator: When we chatted together before the start of today's event, we actually said that in fact, whether it is the team represented by Mr. Peng, or the team represented by Mr. Ma, they have devoted a lot of time and effort to the project. They hope to create a surpassing living experience for every family and every person in the future who live in the royal villa. For example, if you are a housewife who loves to cook, you may see endless lake views from the big glass from the kitchen. Why do we all say "My dream is to live in a villa"? Why live in a villa? Because the villa not only represents a surpassing living experience, but also represents a way of life – choosing the equally quality neighbors just like you.
Mr. Zhang, what kind of person likes to live in a villa? What kind of person needs a property like this royal villa?

Zhang Yuli: This issue is quite large. The host has just said, “Where is the villa?” WorldUnion Properties Consultancy, including myself, has been doing real estate business for almost twenty years, and why the villas have become fewer and fewer? As we all know, villas consume large area of ​​land. From the point of view of business profits, it is not economical or cost-effective for building a villa. In addition, the villa was built in very remote areas, built in Dongguan, Huizhou, Will people go there? I think maybe only those who can’t even afford an apartment here could buy one out there. More people still want to stay in the mega city, the villa in the Shenzhen downtown area, when we did Xiangmihu No. 1, the price I remember was 20 million. Now even an 80-100 million may not buy them.

Back to Pingshan, there was a clue that could be talked about. Mr. Ma always had built Oversea Chinese Town Portofino and later the Tianlu project out there and now is the villa in Grand Eastern City. The clue of the luxury property are particularly clear. From the point of view of context, it can be imagined that this area bears the meaning of the birth of a luxury villa. The host just talked about the changes in Pingshan in the past two years. I remember that during the first phase, I also communicated with everyone on the stage. I said that this position and the development of Grand Eastern City will go to a certain extent. Later, when we come here again, Pingshan has undergone earth-shaking changes. Art museums and libraries are right next to us. Major brand developers, Vanke, China Oversea Land & Investment Ltd., and China Merchants Property Development Co, Ltd. are also next to us, indicating that this area and this place are really becoming a treasure spot of Shenzhen City. This is very important. From this point of view, there are dozens of large and small parks in Pingshan. Therefore, we see that the Huayi Brothers are also coming. The traffic in the urban area is also congested and it was foggy but we saw that the air in Pingshan was particularly fresh this evening.

Who will buy the villa? Many children have come today. The country has also advocated the possibility of having a second child. What will people do when they find out there are not enough rooms for the families? Living in the villa is the answer. I like to live with my brothers and friends. Especially in Shenzhen, there are many Hakka and Chaozhou people. They people likes to live together. Today, I went to your house to play mahjong. Tomorrow you go to my house to grab a drink. The picture that when I was young, everyone living in the countryside together emerges once again. Everyone looks for people-to-people interaction while looking ahead.

Who likes villas? It should be loved by everyone, but the villa is not something that everyone can afford. I remember one senior executive once said, “The greatest success of a person who is coming of middle age is to have a car he likes and a happy family. The ultimate dream is living in a villa.” I think the royal villa should be a dream that fits in the hearts of many men in this room. Frankly speaking, I think there are many people who like it. Due to some reasons, we have not designed too many villas, and their number are limited. Living experiences could be felt by everyone in the future. Today we could gather for an interesting party in the garden, although it is raining, everyone is still here to observe, this kind of lifestyle attraction is conceivable.



Presenter: Thank you very much for sharing with us, Ms. Zhang. In the past 20 years Ms. Zhang has worked in WorldUnion Properties Consultancy, which always stands for the acting expert of luxury houses, whether it is Portofino or Xiangmihu No. 1, it can be said that the World Federation has witnessed the development of real estate industry and there is none who is more clear than her knowing who is enjoying the best life. The WorldUnion Properties Consultancy has helped many families and many top people round up such a dream. The prospect Ms. Zhang just talked about was about person. She said that Chaozhou people and Hakka people like to buy a villa. I’d like to know if there are any Hakka and Chaozhou people on the spot. Many... Mr. Peng particularly pointed out an interesting thing today - We live in high places and are often disturbed and noisy by neighbors. What can we do when we live in villas?
Peng Guangyi: Everyone living in the high-rise apartment has such an experience: It seems that there are always neighbors are renovating their houses. Whether you live for a decade or for fifteen years, it seems that there are always people doing the renovation. If you live in a villa, you will not have this problem because there will be only one, up to two, neighbors living around you. Living in a villa is a feeling of owning heaven and earth, has its own garden, has its own piece of sky, this is the difference between living in the villa and the high-rise apartment in regard of experience. Why villa is a luxury that only a few people can afford? This is because in a crowded society like this, it is very rare to have a place that belongs to oneself.

Presenter: In the beginning we asked the question “Where did the villas go?” After interpretations of three VIPs, we learn that the villas were bought by those who were the best in the wealth and who knew how to enjoy life the most. At the end of the discussion, we invited three VIPs to come to the stage and send their blessings to the Grand Eastern City royal villa in this rain of fortune.
Ma Junwei: After so many years from design to implementation, all of you here today have experienced gardening, greening, and all aspects. In particular, today you are invited to such a grand event in the garden. Everyone can experience first-hand how they will be staying in the royal villa in the future and the scene of life. I wish PENGCHENG Group and the project can achieve the ideal scene of life.
Peng Guangyi: Today, under such a heavy rain, I think it forecasted a very good opportunity for wealth. The project developed by PENGCHENG Group in Pingshan has personally brought a very good urban landscape to the community. Given that PENGCHENG’s responsible attitude for this project. It is believed that a very good living experience will be provided for the owners in the future. I also wish that Luck will favor us, giving everyone here, giving PENGCHENG Group, and giving the government the opportunity of great development.
Zhang Yuli: Today we are standing here to tell everyone how we feel at the Royal Villa. I think perhaps a year or a few years later, this is what you, my dear friends, will be talking about with your friends. You will feel fortunate to be decisive to buy the property on this night, giving your life a new goal, your children a better living environment for their growth, your family a happier life. This is the royal villa in Grand Eastern City.

Presenter: Well said, we would like to thank Ms. Zhang, Mr. Peng, and Mr. Ma. I would also like to thank the team of three representatives for their contributions. I would like to thank all of you for the blessings of the Royal Villa and let us look forward to inviting the 62 lucky families to stand here in the future sharing with us on the happy life of the royal villa. You can miss the heavy rain, but you can't miss the royal villa.
At this moment, the rain of fortune stopped, but good luck could not stop. We must send today's luxury gifts for everyone. Just as Ms. Zhang Yuli said that the royal villa just belongs to a few people, so the first round is sending 5 Chanel perfumes and 3 famous brand belts for everyone.



Guests Participating the Event with Umbrella

Presenter: Next is to witness a very spectacular ceremony on the stage. Tonight is a cool breeze night, but it is also little bit windy and rainy. Later, we will jointly open up the luxury life brought by Grand Eastern City royal villa from PENGCHENG Group. Please enter the officiating guests at the opening-up ceremony: Mr. Peng Weihong, Mr. Xu Mingzhao, Ms. Peng Xiaojun, Mr. Peng Guangzhen, Mr. Ma Junwei, Ms. Zhang Yuli, Mr. Lin Hanqing and Mr. Hu Daping.
As the guest open it up, our stage, together with the buildings around us, will be brightly lit. Friends at the scene, let us count down together, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...



Opening-up Ceremony for Luxury Life brought by Grand Eastern City Royal Villa

Presenter: Display of fireworks and a sea of lanterns, it is resplendent and magnificent. We send the best wishes to Grand Eastern City royal villa, thank you for the officiating guests. Just amid the sparkling golden light of fireworks, we heard a child shouting out the words “iPhone 5S”. Of course this is a kid’s joke, but then there are really golden gifts to be sent to all of you. Hermes scarves and the latest LV handbags in spring & summer 2014.
Presenter: Congratulations to these two lucky friends, Hermes scarf, here you go.
Presenter: The finale prize is the LV handbag.



Lucky Draw

Presenter: Congratulations to this lucky friend and thanks to the lucky draw guest Mr. Lin Hanqing.
Remind all the winning friends this evening to remember to go to the marketing center to receive the award after the event ended. It was raining in the sky, but I hope you do not disperse, because PARTY is still continuing, wonder will continue to be presented, now enter the immediately please tap dancers.


Presenter: From today, 62 seats of 240-290 m2 royal villa officially launched the VIP membership application. The customers and friends who apply for the membership can get the corresponding preferential rights at the launch. You’re also warmly reminded that the host is really considerate today and particularly prepared zongzi made by Best Western Felicity Hotel for everyone, and we hope that while spending time together with your family during the Dragon Boat Festival, kindly drop by our Grand Eastern City enjoying your holiday. I hope you are the lucky one. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and patience!











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